Moving apps to sd card android 4.0.4

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How to move apps on external SD card in Android ? | Android Troubleshooting

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[How To] Move Apps from Internal Memory to SD Card

A solution that does not require rooting would be great. Ole Albers Ole Albers 1 Which version are you mentioning? You can use any of those versions, which require partitioning your SD-Card. But as I wrote: You have to root your device, sorry. If its about memory.

How to move apps on external SD card in Android 4.0?

Tap on it and a new window will appear that will only show you two options: Internal Storage and SD card. If you ever want to reverse the process, repeat the steps you just followed.

Also, make sure that your SD card is inserted correctly. If you see an SD card icon to the right of the app, that means that the app is ready to be moved.

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Tap on it and on the app as well. Having enough storage on your phone is always going to be an issue. One way to avoid having your storage at its limit is sending as many apps as possible to your SD card. Which apps are you going to transfer?

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