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Once the claim has been agreed, we will try our hardest to replace your cherished device with the same make, model and colour, and send it to you as quickly as possible. If your device is no longer manufactured, we will provide the nearest comparable model in a speedy and efficient fashion. Although standards are extremely high, please note that refreshed devices may hold some non-original parts. There is no minimum period of cover. However, when you purchase annual cover we will contact you approximately two weeks before your renewal date and offer to renew the policy. If you do not tell us that you wish to cancel your policy, we will automatically process your renewal.

Yes, but all mobile phones or tablets must be purchased from a VAT registered UK supplier within the last 36 months from the policy start date. Non-genuine devices are not covered by our policies.

Sony Xperia Z

Unlike other insurance providers, we do not increase our premiums after you make a claim. Therefore, we ask that you pay the compulsory excess so we can keep our prices low for you. In the meantime, you can trust that we will handle your claim promptly and professionally. To take out a policy for yourself you must be 18 years old or over and a UK resident. If you are under 18 years old, then a consenting family member can take out the policy on your behalf.

We're a trusted, specialist provider of mobile phone and tablet insurance policies direct to the consumer. FCA registration no. Please call us on or email us at support loveitcoverit. And that can lead to nasty surprise bills; something nobody needs in January. If your Android device is gobbling up more mobile data than you can afford, then give these tips a try.

Using Data Saver allows you to compress web pages before loading them into your browser. Simply launch Chrome, tap on the three dots in the top right and corner, go to Settings, then select Data Saver. One of the biggest drains on your mobile data not to mention your battery , are apps which access the internet while running in the background.

Facebook is one of the worst culprits for this. Luckily you can easily restrict which apps use your mobile data connection in the background by heading to Settings and selecting Data Usage- your apps should be listed by how much data they use. From here you can select Restrict App Background Data on the biggest offenders. Again, this is an avoidable situation. Go to the Google Play Store and open up the menu.

It is possible to use some apps offline, such as Google Maps, and even Spotify, by saving music and playlists to your phone, so you can listen to them without streaming. Every generation of parents faces a new challenge that those before them had the pleasure not to contend with. For the modern day parent, this challenge is technology. No, not keeping up to date with the latest gadgets although this can be a task unto itself , but keeping up with how your children are using them.

The very reason many allow their child their first mobile, is for safety, and yet it can be the cause of endless worrying, especially with plenty of time on their hands now the summer holidays are underway. Similarly, it makes sense to check whether Bluetooth is enabled- if it is, any personal information on their phone may not remain personal!

The key is to be proactive and not make assumptions- better to be safe than sorry. Another fairly obvious point, but it really is worth emphasising the importance of speaking to your child about who they have contact with. The same goes for text messages. No one wants to think about their child being bullied, but whilst the internet, and social networks like Facebook, can help them to form friendships, it also makes life a lot easier for cyber bullies, providing kids with what can seem like an almost anonymous platform to target people from.

On top of this, simply ensuring they feel they can talk to you about anything is a great step towards tackling the issue. Picture messages and voicemails often fall outside of your monthly allowance for example. Streaming videos and downloading games can also see your bills spiral out of control! Now imagine your child in possession of a phone, and consider all the things that could go wrong. Remember the days when you could happily charge up your Nokia and be set for the week?

We miss those days. Phones are like babies, they need a proper bedtime. You can even install management apps that will turn off things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth overnight. Better still, put it on airplane mode.

Limited warranty

Be honest, how many times have you excitedly downloaded a new app, only for the novelty to wear off a few days later? You know how unproductive you feel in the middle of hot summer afternoon in a stuffy office? Your phone feels the same. Avoid leaving your phone on a radiator, or in a hot car if you can.

Not only should it help improve your battery life, it will also help prevent the screen from freezing. Just like your laptop, your phone can save battery if you dim the screen light slightly. Follow these 5 tips, and you can probably squeeze a good few extra hours from your phone, and probably improve its overall health. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Sony Xperia XZ2 insurance At loveit coverit we know how to protect what's most important to you — that's why we're here to provide cheap and comprehensive mobile phone insurance for your Sony Xperia XZ2, without the hassle.

Get a quote. Get an instant quote. Protect Your Sony Xperia XZ2 with loveit coverit Cracked Screen cover — the Sony Xperia's dynamic display is worth protecting Accidental Damage cover — anyone could accidentally drop their phone — make sure it doesn't cost you Theft and Loss Cover — a significant investment like the Sony Xperia XZ2 deserves high-quality insurance cover The Sony Xperia XZ2 is the latest device from the tech giant, blending state-of-the-art technology with beautiful design to create a well-rounded smartphone, built to compete with the best models on the market. Our Cover.

Accidents happen. But when they happen to your Sony Xperia XZ2 phone, our comprehensive cover gives you peace of mind and financial reassurance. Nothing attracts water quite like high-tech gadgets. Aliquam erat volutpat. Phasellus faucibus venenatis lorem, vitae commodo elit pretium et.

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