Best sniper games iphone 2013

Sniper Assassin , as long as players are willing to wait for the perfect opportunity to take their shot, that is.

15 Best FPS games for mobile

The mini-game can be played across consoles and platforms. Counter-Strike is legendary. It's challenging, tactical, and easy to die in. There's an enormous arsenal of weapons for players to purchase before the round begins, but most players end up with one of two sniper rifles: Both sniper rifles let players take shots at enemies near and afar, and more often than not, the last players standing end up in incredibly intense sniper stand-offs where opponents take turns peeking, taking a shot, and quickly ducking back into cover.


Global Offensive doesn't feature the most realistic sniping gameplay around, it certainly offers some of the most intense multiplayer action possible thanks to permadeath rounds and powerful weapons. Ghost Warrior 2 isn't just one of the best sniping games on the market, it's also one of the most realistic. Like its predecessor Sniper: Ghost Warrior , Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 merges first-person shooting with complex sniping mechanics built to challenge players' marksmanship.

The game isn't as simple as pointing your crosshair at an enemy and firing. Instead, players have to keep a steady hand and calculate for various factors, including the player's heartbeat, the target's distance, the level's wind strength, and a shot's bullet drop over time.

That said, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 has more than just realistic firing mechanics. Bullets can pass through certain kinds of cover, letting players take aim and kill even if they don't have a perfect line of sight. Not unlike Sniper Elite 4 , Ghost Warrior 2 also features a slow motion bullet cam system, letting players watch where and how their bullets reach their targets when they land that perfect shot. Ghost Warrior 2 is one sniping game that the genre's fans shouldn't miss, even if it's a tad bit short compared to some of our other titles on this list.

Next page. Strike from afar with the best sniper games. Ghost Warrior 2 Coolest Sniper Game: Customize your sniper rifle, watch your bullets impact human flesh in slow motion, and use environmental destruction to wipe out your opponents in this incredibly engaging hit. Latest Posts. Anthem Deactivate the Barrier in Triple Threat.

7 Best Sniper Games

Anthem World Events and their Locations. Footer About Privacy Policy. Sniper Elite 4 knows sniping is cool, and it flaunts it. Stalk your enemies from afar and land that perfect headshot in one of the most intense sniping multiplayer experiences around. Just remember to pick your shots wisely, as your sniper fire can draw attention to other players in the nearby vicinity.

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Steam , PlayStation Store. Recruit a squad, command your troops across the battlefield, and hone their abilities in one of the best tactical strategy games to date. Snipers start out as inaccurate units that can barely land a shot, but give them the experience and positioning they need to thrive, and they'll quickly take out some of the most powerful enemies in the game.

This means you will need an active Internet to update it but still play it offline. There is also a multiplayer mode that only adds to the fun. With more than 35 locations and shootout scenarios, it will keep you busy for hours at timea. Better carry a powerbank with you.

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Overkill 3 has a good storyline and great graphics. Mankind has lost all hope and you are going to restore it. Your job is to kill all the enemies in the vicinity while staying in your zone. You can move left and right or dodge behind objects to take cover.

‎Clear Vision (17+) on the App Store

With each level, your scenario will change. There is a new Heli mode, my personal favorite, where your job is to drop bullets while flying in a chopper. Kind of like Rambo! In the endless mode, your mission will be to protect a power generator. I suppose that generator is powering the entire city, or mankind!

Sniper vs. Sniper: Online

The entire premise is set in the future and there are plenty of customizations and guns available to satisfy your appetite. Lone Wolf is a dark neo-noir offline shooting game with a lot of violence, adult content, and moral conflicts. A great recipe for an offbeat game. There is a sense of mystery to the storyline because as a sniper assassin, you are never told why you are going on a killing spree.

The story is complex and unfolds as you continue your journey through the underworld, killing people and uncovering their secrets. While there are other games out there that have better graphics, and probably weapons, Lone Wolf made the list for its gripping storyline.

Have you watched the movie Hitman? An offline shooting game where you get to play the cold blooded bald assassin who likes to wear black suits. As agent 47, your job is to complete missions by infiltrating marked locations and eliminating all threats. Apart from the usual contract based missions, there is a special zombie mode where you get to go on a killing spree. It seems everyone likes to! Good choice in sniper weapons and you can play it offline for hours. What I liked was the complexity of the primary and secondary missions, and how the game takes you through each level.

This means each level is a one big plot with subplots and multiple missions that kick in once you eliminate the primary target. You will quickly appreciate the attention to detail and storyline. The good old days of the wild west.