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There's hardly any variation between candy types, colors are dull, and the animation is sub-par. Candy Pop is a poor man's copy of Candy Crush Saga, which lacks all the charm and personality of the original. Download Candy Pop 1. Flashlight - Brightest Torchlight is a flashlight app for BlackBerry that helps you see your way in the dark.

The app activates your phone's camera flash and turns it on. It's very bright, so it will help you out even in very dark conditions. There's also a strobe effect though the flashing is very slow , a police light, combo front and back lights , and a screen LED with choice of colors. You can use a shortcut to open the app. Download Flashlight - Brightest Torchlight 3. Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush 1. There are two separate applications included in BlackBerry Theme Studio.

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The first, Composer , is a complex editor for creating interactive, animated graphics for your display. The second, Theme Builder , lets you make themes by customizing elements of the BlackBerry user interface. It allows you to design and output images, menu icons, bars, banners, etc. This app can be pretty complicated if you're new to the world of graphic design. But if you've used software like Photoshop or Flash before, you should pick it up fairly quickly. Theme Builder is easier to use, and allows you to tweak virtually every aspect of the BlackBerry's appearance that you can think of.

You can apply background wallpapers, alter font sizes, change icons, tweak colors and much more. Once you're finished, BlackBerry Theme Studio can export your theme to your device, publish for Desktop Manager , or publish on the web. BlackBerry Theme Studio allows you to preview your themes before you save them, either on a BlackBerry simulator, or on the device itself. You'll need patience to learn how to use BlackBerry Theme Studio, but once you've mastered it you're imagination is your only limit!

Download BlackBerry Theme Studio 5. Download BlackBerry Maps From the Settings menu, however, you can optimize the emulation parameters. Within the menu, you'll find 4 items:. It's free, works well, doesn't require installation, offers a high level of configuration, and provides a good level of emulation. Blackberry Compass is a simple, yet elegant app that identifies directions. The compass displays directions as well as degree.

A nice feature of the app is its display: When the phone is held vertically, the compass adjusts to a side view; the compass is easily visible no matter how you hold your phone. It also has an option to turn on a magnetic North. Download Blackberry Compass BlackBerry Calculator is an excellent app that allows you to perform a wide array of calculations and conversions. BlackBerry Calculator is a multi-purpose calculation app that is integrated into BlackBerry The app is divided into three sections: Calculator , Tip , and Converter. The calculator includes functions for both basic and complex calculations, allowing you to perform everything from basic arithmetic to computing sines, cosines and tangents.

There's also a handy tips calculator in BlackBerry Calculator, which allows you to quickly work out how much you should tip based on the size of your bill. You can tweak the tip percentage and change the number of people so you can find out how much each person needs to tip. Another useful feature of BlackBerry Calculator is the unit converter , which allows you to convert values from one unit of measurement to another.

There are plenty of unit types included, such as area, data, length, speed, and temperature. It would be nice if there were the option for currency converting, though. BlackBerry Calculator is incredibly easy to use. The application design is stylish yet functional, in keeping with the general look and feel of the BlackBerry 10 OS. Switching between standard and scientific calculator modes is as simple as swiping your finger across.

There are tabs at the top for shifting between BlackBerry Calculators different modes. The calculation window is very clear and visible. It can be pulled down to reveal a history of your calculations which can be cleared with the tap of a button. One thing that would make BlackBerry Calculator even simpler to work with would be a thousand separator. This would definitely help with legibility when dealing with larger numbers. BlackBerry Calculator offers pretty much everything you could ask for in a calculator app. The eaverage BlackBerry 10 user need look no further than this app for their calculation needs.

Download BlackBerry Calculator Download SoundCloud for BlackBerry 10 1. Flash Light Free is a BlackBerry flashlight app with a range of different functions. Besides the standard torch function, which activates the back flash light of your device, Flash Light Free includes a police light, traffic light, candle light and disco light. None of these features provides much illumination, but the effects are well realised and the candle light mode also activates the back flash light. Flash Light Free brings little new to this genre of app, but it will help you see it the dark. Download Flash Light Free 2.

BlackBerry Weather offers an easy way to check the weather forecast in your local area and in cities around the world. Using BlackBerry Weather, you can check the current conditions either where you are, or in a place of your choosing. The app displays the temperature including the 'RealFeel', sunrise and sunset times, plus the wind speed and direction.

You can view hourly forecasts too, so you can see how the weather will change throughout the day. BlackBerry Weather includes a five-day forecast which gives you an idea of the projected maximum and minimum temperatures for the coming days. If you want more detailed weather information, radar maps, or extended forecasts, you'll have to exit out the app to the Accuweather.

BlackBerry Weather is a stylish looking application. The user interface is smart and uncluttered. I love the way the background color changes subtly depending on what the weather will do, much like the Solar weather app for iOS does. The app is very simple to use. It incorporates a neat hour weather chart, which you can slide you finger across and watch the information change as you do so. BlackBerry Weather works well as an active frame when you minimize the application, giving you a quick view of the current weather from your home screen.

BlackBerry Weather is both stylish and practical, and makes for a quick way to check forecasts on your phone.

Viber finally gives BlackBerry OS5 and OS7 users a voice (free voice calls, that is)

It's powered by Accuweather. Download BlackBerry Weather Screen Grabber Free is an app for easily taking screen captures and sharing them with your contacts via e-mail or BlackBerry Messenger. This way, when you want to take a screen capture, you only have to click that option. Once the screen is captured, the app allows you to send it by e-mail or by BlackBerry Messenger. All the screen captures are saved in a folder called Screen Grabs. Screen Grabber Free is available at no charge, truly helpful , and very simple to use. So, if you are looking for a screen-capture tool for BlackBerry, we highly recommend it.

Download Screen Grabber Free 3. One Love Reggae OS7 Theme changes BlackBerry's color scheme to make it more colorful, dominated by the classic green, yellow, and red colors associated with Rastafarianism. The wallpaper also changes, displaying the slogan "One Love". If you share the Rastafarian spirit, you BlackBerry should do no less and match your style.

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Skype 4. Twitter 5. How does the app look? BBM for BlackBerry 10 WhatsApp Messenger 2. What does WhatsApp do? Is WhatsApp easy to use? Yes, there is a catch! Opera Mini 8. Key features of Opera Mini Navigational aids include an auto-complete feature in the address bar, and a built-in search bar. Easy to use The user interface in Opera Mini is more usable than ever.

What's new in Opera Mini 8 Opera Mini 8 comes with a completely redesigned user interface , designed to make the browsing process more comfortable and bring it in line more with other Opera products. In the kitchen, Pou gets his food; in the bedroom he sleeps; and the games room he plays, obviously. But what about the laboratory?

How to use SKYPE in Blackberry?

Well, here is where you can clean Pou and make him better. You can personalize Pou's appearance to suit your tastes, which requires you to buy objects from the store within the app. Some items cost more than others. You can accumulate game currency over time, but if you run out of patience you can buy stuff with real money. After a few hours of playing, Pou will have passed its set level of development and will stop being a kid anymore. If you want to take a photo of him you can - or you can choose to send your Pou to visit your friends' Pous.

One of the reasons for the huge success of Pou is its simplicity. The creature doesn't move and his eyes follow your finger around the screen. Washing, dressing and feeding Pou is simply a matter of dragging objects onto him. The indicators help you to not lose sight of your pet's needs, and the two slide-out menus allow you to quickly change the wallpaper of a room or change the selected object. In the mini games within Pou the controls are just as simple: Pou will keep asking you for food, company, or to be cleaned.

The first impression you get when you play Pou will probably be underwhelming, due to its basic colors and simple animations.

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  4. It's fair to say that graphics aren't its strong point. After some minutes, however, it's easy to get used to the simple, almost Nintendo-like feel of Pou. In fact, the initial ugliness actually encourages to get to work on personalizing your virtual pet. In terms of sounds, Pou's "No" is becoming quite a catchphrase, and his chewing noises is catchy too. The developers searched for an endearing effect from the beginning - and they found one.

    Pou can repeat anything you say in a funny voice, just like you can do with apps like Talking Tom Cat. Like it or not, the success of Pou as a virtual pet is now rivalling that of the Tamagotchi. As with any real life pet, the novelty of playing with Pou wears off after a while but this game is adorable while it lasts. Download Pou 1. The Independent app allows for you to read the latest articles from the famous British newspaper.

    Finally, you can make free calls with your Blackberry using Skype

    Stories are displayed in a list and divided by sections such as Sport, Tech, and Politics. You can switch between sections by tapping on the lower left hand corner of the screen. It's not as advanced as the iOS version and some readers have complained about the lack of support for the BlackBerry version, but it's still an easy and fast way to get access to The Independent. Download The Independent 4. The British Airways app a handy companion for both frequent and casual flyers. There's a lot of features including booking information, access to boarding passes, and flight status options.

    It also provides access to frequent flyer info and Executive Club perks. Most of the controls are located on a bar across the top of the screen. To have the app run smoothly, make sure you update to the latest OS of your BlackBerry. It's not the prettiest app, but it's still helpful for travelers. Download British Airways 1. Download Facebook The version for BlackBerry 10, as a preview, includes the key Skype features, including call via 3G or WiFi, the option to send photos and other files, and the possibility to chat with your Messenger contacts. Download Skype 4.

    Shows a very secure lock right from the startup preventing any interaction until the correct password is entered! Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10 3. Not only can you send instant messages with BlackBerry Messenger with images, video, voice notes, but you can also use BBM to make free voice calls on your BlackBerry device. You can share stuff with BBM such as events, the song you're listening to, and your current location on a map. The app makes for a good alternative to SMS because you don't need to pay per message.

    Instead, communication is made via your 3G or WiFi internet connection. Using BlackBerry Messenger is a real joy, thanks to its well ordered user interface. It displays lists of your contacts complete with thumbnail images, and allows you to create groups to chat with different people at the same time. One of the few downsides to note with BlackBerry Messenger is that not all the features are available on all BlackBerry operating systems, so if you're running an older version of BlackBerry OS, you won't get access to all of BBM's tools.

    BlackBerry Messenger is a powerful, easy-to-use chat client for your device, and is one of the must-have applications for BlackBerry users. The official Twitter app for BlackBerry is designed to let you tweet quickly and easily as you move around. The Twitter app is neat and compact in its design. A toolbar across the top of the interface provides shortcuts to various things you might like to do on Twitter. There are icons linking to: All in all, each of these various sections of Twitter for BlackBerry are well implemented and easy to use.

    However, the timeline feels like it still needs a bit of work to make it more usable. By default you can only view three or four tweets on screen at a time, and there's no scroll bar to indicate how far down the timeline you are. Scrolling all the way back up can become a painful and irritating process. It would be nice if there were a button to jump straight back to the top.

    Tweeting from the official BlackBerry Twitter client is a user friendly experience. You can type your tweet directly into the tweet box on the home page and add photos by clicking on the icon below this box. Photos are automatically uploaded to YFrog. Twitter for BlackBerry integrates with your phone's messages inbox, allowing you to receive notifications of replies and mentions without having to open the app. The Twitter app also pipes into BlackBerry Messenger , allowing you to share your latest tweet as your BBM personal message, and even access your contacts' Twitter accounts from their BlackBerry Messenger profiles.

    There are plenty of options to tinker with in the Twitter BlackBerry client. You can play around with the fonts, set geo-tagging onto your tweets, change the number of tweets per refresh, alter the refresh rate, and more. On the whole, the official BlackBerry Twitter client makes for a simple and reliable way to follow and tweet from your device. Download Twitter 5. Iron Man 3 is an elaborate endless runner-style game in which you star as the famous superhero featured in the third installment of the movie series.

    The format of Iron Man 3 is essentially that of an endless running or, in this case, flying game. Iron Man 3's gameplay is based around flying over various different levels, dodging obstacles and shooting enemies as you go. There are lots of objects and power-ups to collect that can help you upgrade your suit, purchase new suits 18 in total! Besides the goal of traveling as far as you can without dying, there are lots of missions in Iron Man 3 which, if completed, give you rewards such as credits and 'ISO-8', the game's currency.

    There are even daily missions to complete which help you to piece together the story and earn more credits. Like many games these days, Iron Man 3 relies on in-app purchasing to help you progress through the game. Without paying your progress is severely hampered and you'll be waiting around a lot for Iron Man to be repaired, or left with not enough capabilities to complete the missions.

    It's frustrating, but it's a fact of life in these days of 'freemium' gaming models. There's no multiplayer mode as such, though you can pit yourself against others online by comparing your high scores. The first few times you play Iron Man 3 you'll no doubt be a bit bewildered by all the missions, items to collect, baddies you can shoot, baddies you can't shoot, and the way that Iron Man chooses for himself whether to fly high or low. What's more, controlling the metallic superhero in Iron Man 3 feels a little clunky and awkward.

    The default movement controls are based around swiping the screen left or right to change direction but it isn't particularly precise, making it difficult to avoid obstacles. However, the controls can be optimized , allowing you to adjust the sensitivity or even switch to tilt-based controls which we found to be more comfortable. Once you've fine-tuned the controls and got used to what all the on-screen mayhem is all about, Iron Man 3 becomes a joy to play and you'll find yourself gradually becoming addicted to the action-packed gameplay.

    Iron Man 3 is one of the most elaborate endless runners you'll play in terms of its presentation. The 3D graphics are eye-popping, explosions are over-the-top, music is thundering and the voice acting is very good. All of this combined leads gives Iron Man 3 a real Hollywood feel, befitting of a blockbuster movie tie-in. Iron Man 3 is tricky to master at first, and the waiting around before being able to play does get annoying if you're not a fan of paying as you play. However, with its Hollywood presentation, action-packed gameplay and plethora of challenges and missions, Iron Man 3 is less repetitive and monotonous than many endless running games.

    Download Iron Man 3 for BlackBerry 10 1. Download MAPS. LINE lets you call, chat and send photos to others for free, from your smartphone or computer. LINE allows you to make free calls to other users of the service. The application is easy to set up, allowing you to register with your phone number or email address the latter option only gives you access to text chat, though. The call function of LINE works very well.

    Although the option to make video calls is missing, the sound quality when making calls is excellent. There is a slight delay in calls both via WiFi and 3G, though the quality is still better than both fring and Skype. Text chatting in LINE is easy, with support for group chats of up-to people, and a good selection of emoticons to add to your conversations. LINE is a viable alternative to apps like WhatsApp and Viber allowing you to make free calls on your phone with good audio quality.

    Download LINE 3. Photo Studio is a free photo editor for BlackBerry phones. It allows you to correct and adjust images, and apply effects to them while you're on the move. You can use Photo Studio to edit photos that you take with the camera or that are stored on your BlackBerry already. Once you've loaded the image into Photo Studio it's very easy to work with. The current image is displayed on screen, with a toolbar underneath where you'll find all of Photo Studio's tools. Among the settings you can tweak in Photo Studio are color, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.

    Tweaking is generally done just by moving a slider left or right to adjust the levels. There are also tools for resizing, rotating, and cropping photos, plus a red eye remover. Users will likely be impressed by the large range of image effects to choose from in Photo Studio, as well as all the different frames you can apply to your photos through the app.

    It would've been nice to have the ability to add text to images too, but hopefully this will be added to Photo Studio in a future release. When you're done editing an image in Photo Studio you can either apply the changes you've made to the original image, or save it separately as a screen dimensions image to your memory card. All in all, Photo Studio is great for making tweaks and corrections to photos you take on your phone.

    Download Photo Studio 1. WhatsApp Messenger allows you to send free text messages over the internet, saving you the cost of sending SMS.

    Screenshots for imo instant messenger

    The software works across mobile operating systems iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc. WhatsApp Messenger gives you a number of other handy options aside from just sending text.