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Encryption is an important topic to talk about here - by default, this is turned off, for simplicity's sake, but if you're mobile then I'd strongly urge you to turn on encryption, both to stop others 'leeching' off your connection slowing you down and possibly raising your data bill and to stop possible spying on your Internet activities e.

JoikuSpot Premium only offers WEP encryption rather than the much stronger WPA2, possibly because the latter would be impractical to implement in software but mainly because of a technical reason to do with the Wi-fi modes offered by Symbian OS.

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It's true that WEP-encryption is crackable if there's enough data to capture, but we're talking about a temporary hotspot that you've set up and about which a potential attacked would have no prior notice. Nothing to be too fearful about then, but it would be good to see WPA2 added to JoikuSpot Premium and Symbian at some point, to prevent even this worry. And WEP is still a couple of order of magnitude safer than not using any encryption at all.

There's a choice of key lengths 5 characters or 10 characters, effectively - in theory the latter is more secure, but it's marginal in practice. Plus your smartphone is given a gateway IP address, though I tried to login to this and failed, so perhaps it's not meant for manual tinkering or perusal. When done, you simply highlight 'Start' and watch. Note that it's important that your phone's Wi-fi stack isn't already in use by another application.

So, if you're testing this at home make sure to disconnect any relevant applications. After a few seconds, the hotspot icon turns green, along with a padlock symbol, indicating that it's an encrypted network. Once started, you can fire up Wi-fi scanning on any Internet-demanding device and you'll see the new hotspot and can join the ad-hoc network in the usual way.

One thing that caught me out at first was that S60's text input system automatically capitalised my chosen WEP password and it turns out, not surprisingly, that these are case sensitive. So you have to match capitalisation when entering the password on other devices. As shown at the top, I tested JoikuSpot Premium primarily with an Apple iPad 2, though I also had an N8 and a Windows laptop also connected all at the same time and using data simultaneously. Like this: Like Loading OkkiO Pingback: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Address never made public.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This is the second step in the process. Several Nokia models may be used as WiFi Hotspot. Some Nokia devices have built-in tethering capability, and some still need a third party application to do so. It will work well with the current Nokia Asha and other non-Lumpia Nokia cell phones. With the Nokia PC Suite, you can use your computer to receive the latest updates for your Nokia mobile device, get navigation maps, and share photos, music, and back up your files.

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It depends on which model of Nokia that you own as to whether you can receive the full gamut of functions, however. If you have the versatile Nokia Lumia, you can enjoy the full array of Nokia PC Suite features, such as sharing streaming videos, photo albums, music, and all the most current updates. Yes No I need help Another benefit that will bring a smile is that there is no cost for this software.

Nokia offers a help menu for many issues and questions. If you are having a problem with the infrared connection using your Nokia PC Suite, you only have to follow the instructions below. Yes No I need help 1 First, be sure that you have infrared capability installed on your computer. As a security measure, to follow the instructions below, you must be logged in as the administrator of your computer.

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To fix the problem with the infrared connection may be only because the infrared has been disabled. Make sure that your Laptop or PC does have infrared capability. Follow these steps if it does: First, left click the "Start" icon. Left click the "Panel". Left click "System and Maintenance". Left click "Device Manager". You may be notified that you need an administrator password or confirmation, depending on how it was set up.

Just type in the password when prompted. Next, double click "Infrared devices". Right click Your Nokia mobile device, and left click "Enable". Was this step helpful? Your Nokia phone and PC will have manuals that will tell you if you have the infrared capability on each device. You have to synchronize both devices to an identical infrared speed setting. Follow the steps below to set your PC and Nokia phone to the same connection speed. On your PC: Yes No I need help 3 Select "Hardware". Yes No I need help 4 Go to "Properties".

Yes No I need help 5 And then select "Advanced". Choose the "Maximum Connect Rate" and click it. Yes No I need help On your Nokia mobile device: Any data should be begun within one minute, or the infrared connection risks becoming disabled. If you have lost the infrared connection, restart your phone and PC for a new connection.

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The steps above are simple and few for each device once you have installed the Nokia PC Suite, but you must have both devices with the Infrared activated, and both must be synchronized to the same infrared connection speed. You should now be able to share data between your computer and your internet-capable Nokia mobile device. Yes No I need help Consult the phone or PC manual for any further troubleshooting beyond the above instructions.

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These help keep the articles accurate and up- to-date with current changes. The comments section is free for everyone to use. You may use it to voice opinions, ask questions, make clarifications, and make requests and suggestions. If you have any problems with any of these, please post in the comments section below. I have a Nokia Asha Is it possible to use the Bluetooth connection as a modem? To use the Nokia Asha or other Asha model phones to provide an internet connection to your Laptop, you will need to install a third party software application that will allow you to use the Bluetooth connection as a modem.

Blue Soleil is one such application, but there are others you may also prefer to use. You should be connected to your Nokia C6 network with your Samsung S3 after you follow these procedures. Yes No I need help 1. Download and install Nokia Software Updater. Connect your Nokia to the computer with the original USB cable.

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Launch Nokia Software Updater. Nokia Software Updater will detect your , downloads the corresponding updates, and installs them. Yes No I need help. Sir, please reply, when I connect the cable, the phone also shows Ovi suite, and I select this option Connection issues are a common problem and are usually the result of software conflicts.

Nokia has changed the software they use several times. So you may want to make sure you are using the latest software. USB connection problems are never fun, but hopefully, you'll be reconnected soon.

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Follow the steps below. Instead of uninstalling choose "repair" and follow the on screen instructions.