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While iOS 11 is ready to take over your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, let's take a step back and check out all of the new features that iOS 10 brought to the public when it was released to everyone in Sept. Check out the roundup below for all of the big features that iOS 10 added to the iPhone, then make sure to see how things are changing a year later in our iOS 11 roundup of features for iPhone. This one is a little bittersweet.

We were stoked about having one less thing to complain about now, since the ability to get rid of the annoying stock apps that clog up your home screen and device storage was seemingly here. Finally, a way to get rid of Tips or the Apple Watch app. Alas, it was too good to be true.

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Sure, you can remove stock apps from your home screen, but after a little digging, we found that that's all you could really do. Removed stock apps are still on your phone and still taking up storage —even though it may not seem that way—but hey, at least we don't have to create "Junk Apps" folders anymore. It's now much simpler to get to your device's Siri settings, as iOS 10 includes a dedicated Siri panel on the main settings page.

That's the only real change, however, as most of the Siri settings are essentially the same as they were in iOS 9. The settings for Mail, Contacts, and Calendar are no longer grouped together on the Settings page and have been broken up into separate panels to help you get to each's settings more easily. It might not seem like a huge change, but it'll save you a little time when you're looking to alter the settings for these apps.

If you have a 3D Touch device, you can adjust your flashlight intensity from the Control Center. Open the Control Center and force-press on the Flashlight icon to bring up three brightness options: Apple may make this feature available as a long-press for devices without 3D Touch, but don't hold your breath. Force-pressing the icon brings up four quick interval settings so that you can easily set your timer to 1 hour, 20 minutes, 5 minutes, or 1 minute.

Again, this may become a long-press feature on other devices, but we're not promising anything. They're the same quick actions as on the home screen—take photo, record slo-mo, record video, and take selfie—but this is actually much more helpful if you're in another app and want to take a specific kind of photo or video real quick.

Like the the above three Control Center quick actions, you'll also be able to open up settings for the new Home app, according to Apple Insider. Pull up the Control Center, and then swipe left twice to get to the Home settings. From there, you can force press on your enabled HomeKit devices to bring up quick settings. You'll also be able to switch between your stored "scenes" from the Home section of the Control Center.

The iOS keyboard will now be able to switch between languages without having to change keyboards, which is a great addition for users who type in more than one language. The keyboard will be able to predict the language you're typing in word by word, and will offer quick type suggestions to complete the message. There are now dedicated buttons for AirPlay audio and video that you can access from the Control Center. For audio, swipe left to bring up the Music player and press the disclosure triangle below the volume bar.

You could only open 36 tabs in Safari at a time in iOS 9 unless you had a jailbroken device , but that limit is going out the window in iOS Now you can open as many tabs as you want.


I'm not sure why you'd need tabs open, but now you've got a chance to find a good reason to do it. Apple is taking advantage of the iPad's large surface area by adding Split View to Safari. You can open a second Safari window by long-pressing a link and tap on "Open in Split View.

The feature will work on any website that accepts Apple Pay, so you won't have to pull out your credit or debit card to find the number and fill out your billing information any longer. Upon checkout, a notification will be sent to your iPhone asking you to identify yourself with Touch ID. Once you've done this, your purchase is complete. However, it doesn't look like this functionality is included with the developer preview, so you're going to have to wait until iOS 10's full launch this fall.

The Calendar app's new "Found Events" feature automatically searches through your messages and emails to find potential events and notify you to add them to your calendar. Depending on how much information is available in the message or email, Found Events will be able to automatically add the date, time, location, and name of the event. There's a new option in the Videos settings that let's you select the level of quality for videos that you stream while on Wi-Fi.

You can pick between "Best Available" and "Good. There are lots of shady internet connections out there, so now your device will alert you when you're about to connect to one. The warning will appear not only for open networks, but also for connections that use outdated encryption protocols like WEP. Apple has streamlined the " Back to App " button in iOS 10, so there will no longer be anything missing from your status bar while the button is displayed.

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It's a pretty minor change, but a helpful one. When the button is displayed, your cellular and Wi-Fi signals will no longer be hidden. Otherwise, the back to app button still functions the same way. You'll now be able to add other people to your Notes so that more that one person can read, edit, or add to them. There's a "Shared Notes" button in the upper-right corner that you can press to add more people to your note. You'll also be able to share an iCloud link to your note through apps like Twitter, Gmail, iMessage, and more from the "Add People" screen.

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The Mail app is getting a new Conversation View that lets you quickly scroll through all the messages in a thread so that you can easily find a specific email. You'll get a three-column view—similar to how it appears on a desktop—when this feature is enabled.

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Originally, this was thought to be an iPad Pro specific feature, but we've noticed that it works on an iPhone 6 Plus too. There's a lot of unused real estate when you're composing an email on your iPad Pro, but now you'll be able to swipe the compose window to right. This way, you'll still be able to see your inbox on the left side of the screen, and the selected message in the middle, while you write an email on the right side.

There's a new Filter button on the Mail app that lets you quickly arrange your email by criteria like unread, flagged, and whether an email is addressed to you or if you're CC'd. It's also way easier to search for messages with attachments. As you can see in the above screenshots for 19, there's a toggle for "Only Mail with Attachments," which is a nice alternative to adding an "Attachments" folder to your main Mailboxes view , like we already can. In addition to the quick filter, Mail will also suggest a few options when starting a new search, one of which is "Messages with Attachments.

If you're having trouble figuring out which folder to send a specific email to, iOS 10 will give you some suggestions. Tap on the folder icon, and if it thinks it knows where you'll want to put it, then it will offer that folder right away.

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Don't like the suggestion? Then you can just tap on the "Move Message" button to manually pick a destination. And if it can't offer a suggestion, it'll show you all your folders right away. Whenever Mail detects a message that's from a mailing list, it'll give you an option up top to unsubscribe from it right away.

For users who like to keep lots of music on their iPhone, you'll now be able to tell iOS 10 to "optimize" your storage to help you keep space free on your device. You'll be able to set the "minimum storage" amount that will be freed up when you're running low on space. Note that this feature is only available for those subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match users with iCloud Music Library toggled on.

The storage optimizer will help you reach that level by automatically deleting songs from your library that you haven't listened to lately. Unless you've got an absolutely huge library, it's probably a better idea to set the optimizer on the lower side so that it doesn't wipe out more songs from your library than you were anticipating. There's a new option in your Music settings menu to automatically download songs that you add to your Apple Music library so that you can listen to them even if you're not connected to the internet.

While you could remove and delete songs directly in the Music app, there's now a possibly easier option to help you clear up space manually—especially if you don't trust the auto-delete feature. You can then swipe left on artists, albums, or individual tracks to delete them. You can also delete your entire downloaded library by swiping left on "All Songs," so it's a good idea to exercise some caution when browsing so that you don't accidentally lose all of your tunes. In previous versions of iOS, using the "Add to Up Next" feature in Apple Music would put the song in the album you're currently playing at the top of your playlist, rather than at the end.

Now, when you want to add a song to Up Next you can choose between "Play Next" or "Play Later," the latter of which will move it to the end, or near the end of the list. Also, the feature will now work for all devices when you have a Lightning cable plugged in, whereas it didn't before. If you subscribe to Apple Music, there's no longer a reason to use apps like Musixmatch to sync lyrics with songs.

Just slide up the player to reveal the Lyrics option, then tap on it to sing along. For those of you who do not subscribe to Apple Music, you'll still have use the aforementioned app to see lyrics on your device, or will have enter them in manually for each song in iTunes on your computer—then sync to your iPhone. Music now has Split View support in iOS 10 so that you'll be able to multitask while keeping your Music screen open. YouTube links sent in Messages now display the player inline, so you won't need to switch apps to view a video someone sent.

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Other apps are getting inline support as well, so you'll be able to see things like a Yelp card for a specific business in Messages, no matter if it's a text or iMessage. There's a facelift for regular links sent and received in Messages, too, and you'll be shown a small preview of the linked page to get a better sense of what you're about to click on. The feature is similar to how links are displayed when sent through a service like Facebook Messenger. Previous versions of iOS didn't give you much flexibility when it came to read receipts, which let others know when you've seen their messages.

Either they were enabled for all of your contacts, or none of them. In iOS 10, you'll be able to set read receipts individually if you don't want certain people to know that you've seen their texts. Messages is getting a "Digital Touch" interface in iOS 10 that lets you send some cool gesture-based messages. Just tap on the Digital Touch button it looks like a heart with fingers touching it in a conversation to open the interface, then try out these new gesture commands. Only people with iMessage can send and receive these right now. You'll be able to scribble out short messages or doodles by drawing on the Digital Touch interface with one finger.

There are a handful of colors to select from. Pressing the little triangle in the bottom-right corner brings up the full-screen display, giving you more room to draw. Long-press on the canvas with two fingers to send an animated heartbeat. Tap with one finger quickly to send an animated circle that explodes, or tap multiple times to send lots of them. Tap with two fingers to send a kiss, or lots of times send more. If the person you sent the kisses to isn't appreciative, you'll be able to demonstrate your dismay with a breaking heart animation. Press on the interface with two fingers and then swipe down in order to send the breaking heart.

Press the triangle on the Digital Touch interface to bring it up in full-screen mode, and you'll see a little video icon in the bottom-left corner. Tapping it turns on your device's camera, and let's you take either a video or photo to draw on. This will let you add handy notes to your media for something like business, or just let you add in a wiseass comment for a picture or video shared among friends. You can also add markup to photos and videos stored on your device like you could within the Mail app in iOS 9.

Tap on the camera icon to add a picture or video, then tap on the preview and hit "Markup" to add your notes. The new Invisible Ink feature lets you send a blurred out message that the recipient must swipe around on to reveal. Well, the feature also works for picture messages. It's a good way to surprise someone, or perhaps to make sure that a photo with sensitive content isn't seen by any nosy onlookers. To send one, just long-press on the send button after you've chosen a picture to bring up the options. The photo will revert to being blurry a few moments after the recipient has revealed it.

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